I booked the very first axis deer hunt with 3br. They welcomed the idea of bringing my wife along. We arrived at the lodge and we felt very welcome with the family’s great southern hospitality.  We saw lots of axis deer the first night right away! To say the least we knew right away that we picked the right place.  We hunted 2 days and my wife and i both shot fine axis bucks. We where abel to sneek in a predator hunt it was a blast with lots of gray fox seemingly at every stop!  The food at 3br was very good and cooked more than 20 men could eat! “So if you leave hungry its your fault!”  Kaleb did every thing possible to make my hunt as enjoyable as possible.  There is nothing within reason he will not do to make shure you leave happy! 

I booked a hunt right after i left for the end of june for me and a buddy and my 9 year old son . we all shot a axis buck and axis doe  the variety of tactis and hunting areas we hunted where all spot on!  Lots of axis deer to hunt the big ones always seem to be a step ahead of us ! “Thats why there big” but we crossed paths with my buddies trophy axis and he made a great shot and after all the congratulations and pics we loaded up the buck and i litterly shot mine 2 hours later! The guys at 3br where great with my son and helped him thru shooting his very first big game animal a axis doe. Than followed by his axis buck on the last night! They treated him great the whole hunt. I would not think twice to bring the whole family to 3br! 

– Josh Moriarity